Now Available:
Claim the Mystery: 50 New Hymn Texts
 featuring newly composed tunes
by Sally Ann Morris, Benjamin Brody, Randall Sensmeier, Chris Ángel, Colin Gibson, Marty Haugen, David Haas, Roy Hopp, and Tony Alonso,
as well as many traditional and familiar melodies

Sally Ann Morris has released her third collection of tunes, which includes 25 Tice texts. Several pairings appear there for the first time, and one newly written text is includedNumerous other texts by Mary Louise Bringle, Thomas Troeger, Carl Daw, and Delores Dufner inspired wonderful tunes! Spread the Good News

GIA's newest hymnal, Ritual Song, includes four Tice hymns.

"The Church of Christ Cannot Be Bound" (with "In Christ there is no East or West") paired with MCKEE is now available in a new concertato arrangement by composer Paul Gibson.

"Lost and Afraid" is now available in Dutch!
 ...and so is "God of Music, Guide Our Song."

"For God So Loves the World," choral setting by Marty Haugen

Marty Haugen's newest recording, Here Among Us: Songs for the Liturgical Year, features two Tice texts: "God Has Planted Christ the Vine," and "May God Keep and Bless You."

"Where the Joys and Hopes of Living," commissioned for the 2015 National association of Pastoral Musicians (NPM) convention in Grand Rapids, setting by Norah Duncan IV. (More details here.) 


Walk In Peace: The Songs of Sally Ann Morris and Adam M. L. Tice, recorded in Goshen, Indiana, featuring members of the Goshen College choirs, St. Joseph Camerata, and local musicians. The recording is available as a CD or downoad, and can also be purchased via Amazon or iTunes. Songs on the recording are available as choral octavos in a collection or individually via the link to the recording above.

Hymn collections

Melody-only images of many of Adam's hymns can now be printed from (requires subscription)

Stars like Grace: 50 More Hymn Texts, features new tunes by Sally Ann Morris, David Haas, Colin Gibson, Chris Ángel, Daniel Kantor, Tony Alonso, Benjamin Brody, David Hurd, and Randall Sensmeier, along with many traditional tunes.

A Greener Place to Grow: 50 More Hymn Texts, a collection of texts set to fresh and traditional tunes.

Woven Into Harmony, a single-author collection including 50 original texts, set to traditional and newly-composed tunes.

Choral octavos

"An Open Hand, a Willing Heart," setting by Marty Haugen, included on his recording Sing for Peace.

"Ancient Peoples Searched the Sky," an Epiphany hymn set by Sally Ann Morris.

"Away in a Manger," by composer Blake Henson, features a fresh take on the familiar carol with a beautiful and elegantly simple tune.

"Beyond," composed by Daniel Kantor.

"Bread of Life, Cup of Joy," a collaboration with Mennonite composer Lee Dengler.  Link includes a recording.

"Breath of God," by composer Daniel Kantor.

"Christ, the Victorious," by composer Norah Duncan IV, part of GIA's African American Church Music Series.  "Kristus, den sengrande" is a Swedish version, translated by Leif Nahnfeldt.

 "Come, Meet Us in Our Deepest Need," setting of "Impatiently, We Wait for You" by Lori True and arranged by Paul Tate.

"Coming Together for wine and for Bread," composed by David Haas (as found in Gather: Third Edition, and recorded on the album Be Not Afraid.  (An octavo including the short invocation song "Let us Remember" as featured on the recording is also available: "Coming Together for Wine and for Bread/Let Us Remember.")

"Communion Carol,"a setting of "The First One to Know," by Mennonite composer Lee Dengler.  Page samples, recording, and a video are available at the link.

"Did You Hear the Song?" Setting of "I Have No Room" by Mennonite composer Lee Dengler.  Follow the link and click "Closer Look" for sample pages and a full recording.

 "Did you hear the song?" a setting of "I have no room" by composer Zack Stachowski. Listen to it here.

"Every Eye is Different," choral setting by composer Daniel Kantor.

"For Every Child," setting by Marty Haugen, included on his recording Sing for Peace.

 "Glorify the Lord by our Lives," setting by Tony Alonso.  Included on Alonso's new recording, A House of Prayer.

"God, grant this suffering soul release," by composer David Haas.  Text is featured in Haas' collection, A Changed Heart, as well as the prayer book and recording of the same name. (Note that the version of the text set is "God, grant your faithful servant peace," appropriate for funerals or memorials.)

"God of Music, Guide Our Song," by Mennonite composer Lee Dengler.

 "God of Music, Guide our Song," by composer Daniel Kantor.

 "Grace Abounds for All," a setting of "Draw a Wider Circle" by composer Thomas Keesecker.

"There is Room for the Stranger," by composer Chris de Silva, part of his collection, With Great Love.  Also a recording (including songs available for individual download).

"There is Room for the Stranger," with music by Lee Dengler.  Link includes a recording.

"What Comfort Can Our Worship Bring,"  by composer Blake Henson.  Recording also available.

Pieces in hymnals, supplements and collections

Worship in the City: Songs and Prayers for Urban Settings, 2015, edited by Nancy Elizabeth Hardy, includes "The church of Christ cannot be bound."

Singing our Savior's Story: A Congregational Song Supplement for the Christian Year, 2014, compiled and eited by James Abbington, includes five Tice texts.

Sing of the World Made New, 2014, a resource edited by Jeffrey Rowthorn and Russel Schulz-Widmar, includes ten Tice texts.  It is co-published by GIA and Hope Publishing.

Stones Unthrown: New Hymns of Alfred V. Fedak, 2014, includes two Tice texts.  It is available from Selah Publishing.

Glory to God: The Presbyterian Hymnal, Presbyterian Church USA, 2013
    "Jesus entered Egypt," set to KING'S WESTON
    "In the darkness of the morning," set to CAPTIVITY/KAS DZIEDAJA
    "The earth belongs to God alone," set to SIMMONS by William P. Rowan
    "The church of  Christ cannot be bound," set to MCKEE
    "What is the world like," set to NEW WORLD by Sally Ann Morris
    "For You, my God, I wait," set to SPRINGTIME by David Ward

Community of Christ Sings, Community of Christ, 2013
    "What comfort can our worship bring," set to MORNING SONG (CONSOLATION)
    "Come, join in Mary's prophet song," set to THE FLIGHT OF THE EARLS
    "The church of Christ cannot be bound," set to MCKEE
    "What is the world like," set to NEW WORLD by Sally Ann Morris
    "Coming together for wine and for bread," set to BANQUET by Sally Ann Morris
    "God bestows on every sense," set to MONKLAND

Lift Up Your Hearts, hymnal of the Christian Reformed Church and the Reformed Church in America, 2013
    "The church of Christ cannot be bound," set to ST. PETER
    "Lying lips," set to CAPTIVITY/KAS DZIEDAJA

Oramos Cantando/We Pray in Song, bilingual Spanish/English Catholic hymnal, GIA Publications, 2013
    "When my soul is sore and troubled/Cuando mi alma està turbada," set to PERILYPOS PSYCHE (Spanish translation and tune by Ronald F. Krisman) 

Lead Me, Guide Me, Second Edition, African-American Catholic hymnal, GIA Publications, 2012
    "The Church of Christ cannot be bound," set to MCKEE

Psalms for All Seasons: A Complete Psalter for Worship,
Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, Faith Alive Christian Resources, and Brazos Press, 2012

    Psalm 12 A: "Lying lips," set to CAPTIVITY/KAS DZIEDAJA
    Psalm 39 A: "When I sought silence," set to SILENTIUM by Randall Sensmeier
    Psalm 122 A: "Rejoice, rejoice, come sing with me," set to FOREST GREEN
    Psalm 130 G: "For You, my God, I wait," set to SPRINGTIME by David Ward

Worship: Fourth Edition,
GIA Publications, 2011

    Fourteen texts

Gather: Third Edition, GIA Publications, 2011
    "Coming together for wine and for bread," set to BLACKHAWK LANE by David Haas

Total Praise, hymnal of the National Baptist Convention, USA, 2011
    "The Church of Christ cannot be bound," set to MCKEE; recording avialable.

Celebrating Grace, Mercer University Press, 2010
    "The Church of Christ cannot be bound," set to AZMON

Assembled for Song: An Anthology of New Hymns, GIA Publications, 2011
    "She moves where she wishes," set to HARVEST SONG by Ronald F. Krisman
    "The Church of Christ cannot be bound," set to WILKERS by Sally Ann Morris

Worship & Song, United Methodist hymnal supplement, Abingdon Press
    "Breath of God, Breath of Peace," set to PATTERNS by Sally Ann Morris

New Wine in Old Wineskins, Volume 2: A Contemporary Congregational Song Supplement, edited by Dr. James Abbington
    "At the pulpit, font, and table," set to LAUDA ANIMA
    "Christ is for losers," set to DREAM ANGUS (included on the Atlanta Sings New Wine in Old Wineskins recording, avialable for download.
    "God, grant this suffering soul release," set to O WALY WALY
    "Jesus said to pray, 'Our Father,'" set to DINIWEIDRWYDD
    "The church of Christ cannot be bound," set to MCKEE
    "What comfort can our worship bring," set to MARTYRDOM
    "When my soul is sore and troubled/Cuando mi alma està turbada," set to PERILYPOS PSYCHE (Spanish translation and tune by Ronald F. Krisman)  

Sally Ann Morris, ...To Sing the Artist's Praise..., GIA Publications, Inc., includes seven Tice texts with tunes by Morris:
    "Open your eyes to the image of God," set to WENDY
    "An echo of the voice of God," set to WADA SONG
    "The Church of Christ cannot be bound," set to WILKERS
    "Coming together for wine and for bread," set to BANQUET
    "Love! All holy," set to DONNA MARIE
    "Breath of God, Breath of Peace (The Breath, the Word, the Voice)" set to PATTERNS
    "What is the world like?" set to NEW WORLD (this hymn was premiered at the Hymn Society Annual Conference in July 2009, Northfield, MN)

Singing the New Testament,The Calvin Institute of Christian Worship and Faith Alive Christian Resources, 2008
    "Two People Came to Church to Pray," set to MAPLE AVENUE by Richard L. Van Oss
    "A Traveler Unknown to Me," set to SUSSEX CAROL
    "Faithful Living," set to TEBBEN by Timothy Hoekman

More Voices, The United Church of Canada, 2007
    "Breath of God, Breath of Peace," set to EMMANUEL COLLEGE, by Fred Kimball Graham

Other works of interest

The Center for Mennonite Writing's online journal issue focusing on hymnody, edited by Adam Tice.

Adam served as Hymn Interpretation columnist in The Hymn: A Journal of Congregational Song for 2014. The website for the Lift Up Your Hearts hymnal posted Adam's "Hymn Interpretation" column on David Haas' "Peace Before Us."

Visit PrayTell blog for Adam's reflections on a Hymnal Marathon at Goshen College.

"Hymns for Creation Time," four environmentally themed hymns and brief comments, featured in Gathering, United Church of Canada, Summer/Autumn 2012, pp. 81-83.

"A New Song: What New Endeavors," hymn and brief commentary, featured in CrossAccent: Journal of the Association of Lutheran Church Musicians, Volume 19, Number 1, 2011, page 33.

"The One, True, Holy, MENNONITE Church," PrayTell blog, August 10, 2010.  (Please note: the title is tongue-in-cheek!)

"Why I'm [Finally] Mennonite," Eastern Mennonite University's "Work and Hope" blog, July 19, 2010.

"A Mennonite, the Missal, and Mutual Understanding,"  PrayTell blog, July 2, 2010.

Hymn Festival script and commentary: "Giving life to the Word: Hymns on parables,"  in The Hymn, the journal of the Hymn Society in the United States and Canada, Spring 2010 (includes text "What is the world like" with Sally Ann Morris' tune NEW WORLD)

Two prayers in Take Our Moments and Our Days: An Anabaptist Prayer Book, Advent Through Pentecost, 2007

Master's Thesis, Who do You Sing that I Am? The Life of Jesus in 20th-century Mennonite Hymnals: A Case Study in the use of Hymnody for Theological Research, Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary, 2007

Scholarly article: “Singing shapes communion: the progression of Eucharistic theology in 20th-century Mennonite hymnals,” Conrad Grebel Review, Fall, 2006.  (Full text available online.)  Article noted in The Hymn, David W. Music, "Hymns in Periodical Literature," Summer 2007

Macalester Plymouth United Church Hymn Writing Contest, 2005 winner: "The Church of Christ Cannot be Bound"

Choral arrangement, “Morning Has Broken,” text by Eleanor Farjeon, tune BUNNESAN, SSATB with two trumpets, API Music, 2002